11 April 2013
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75 Days of SEOmoz’s PRO Service for FREE – Get it before it runs out!

TL;DR: This is the best offer on the best set of SEO tools you’ll ever see.

And it doesn’t last forever… in fact it only lasts until the end of this month – scroll down or watch the video to find out more.

So, you set out on a journey.

You don’t get to where you want to be with nothing but luck. You can’t just back out of your driveway and start taking random roads, hoping you’ll end up at your planned destination.

You need a little help along the way. You need road signs and a map. Or better yet, you need a good GPS.

If one of your goals for your website is search engine or social media traffic, then SEOmoz is a little like that GPS. It calculates where you are in relation to where you want to be, and it helps you get there. Take a wrong turn, and it pipes up. Get on the right road again, and it lets you know that too.

And while SEOmoz may not tell you these things in a sexy, robotic voice, it will help you get the rankings you seek.

That’s why we personally use SEOmoz … and have for years.

A Special Offer For You

As your WordPress team, we work hard to help you build the best WordPress sites you can. A great site without traffic, however, is pointless. And so today we’d like to help you get that traffic too. We’ve talked to our friends at SEOmoz, and they have agreed to give WPMU fans 75 days of their awesome PRO Service for FREE.

Heck, we’re that excited about it that we’re going to embed this video twice to make sure you watch it 🙂

But this isn’t all about fancy animations, we genuinely have been using the heck outta moz ever since James signed up years ago, here’s what we’ve been looking at.

How SEOmoz Helps Us

In addition to the great educational information available from SEOmoz, one of the greatest benefits to a PRO membership is access to great tools.

We’ll go over a few of the most important tools and resources briefly and then give you a little look into a few of those tools as well.

Tools & Resources

Tons of tools at your disposal.

Link Research & Analysis – Keep an eye on your competition’s links. Inspect anchor text. Spot link opportunities. Get social activity data. And more.

Twitter Analytics – Study your followers and dissect data. Find top influencers. Connect with people in your niche. We recently used this to determine when our audience was tweeting the most, giving us a better time frame for releasing posts so we get more shares. We also use this to discover our most influential followers. Knowing this information is valuable for building powerful relationships.

Rank Tracking – Monitor your site’s position in the major search engines.

On-Page Optimization – Get grades on your pages’ SEO on-page effectiveness.

SEO Web Crawler – Make sure your site is optimized and accessible to search engines. Get information on problems that could be holding your site down.

Lab Tools – Somewhat like Google Labs, this section offers exciting new tools to take out for a test drive. Current lab tools include the Competitive Link Research Tool for finding where your competition is getting link juice but you aren’t. And next there’s the Link Acquisition Assistant – a tool to help you find brand new link opportunities.

Other Tools — In addition to the tools above, there are also two more older tools that are no longer supported; however, that doesn’t mean they’ve lost their value: 1. Historical Pagerank Checker for finding a page’s Pagerank – both past and present, and 2. Top 500 – a list of top 500 domains and pages according to SEOmoz.

Training Webinars – Twice a month training webinars not only give you an SEO education, they let you interact with professional SEOs.

Q&A Forum – Ask questions and engage with others who are serious about SEO. No off-the-wall high-schoolers shooting their mouth off about SEO here (unlike other places you may find on the web).

Comprehensive Q&A Database – Get access to an enormous database of SEO knowledge.

Advanced Online Marketing Guides – Beginner to Advanced online marketing guides with info and advice from SEO pros.

SEO Community – A 250,000 community of true professionals, with approximately 10,000 of those being PRO members.

A Few of the Tools We Like Best

Of course you may have your favorites, but here are a few of the tools we really like. There’s so much available in each, however, that even if you find you like the same ones we do, there’s a good chance you may like them for a different reason. And, like us, you may find yourself liking a particular aspect of one tool one day, and then discovering you can’t live without a another aspect of the same tool the next day.

Open Site Explorer

The Open Site Explorer is the place to track both your own backlinks as well as your competitors’.  It’s also the place to get link data, examine top pages, and get advanced reports.

Below is a peek into our account to give you an idea of some of the sections there.

Top Pages

Linking Domains

Anchor Text

Fresh Web Explorer

The Fresh Web Explorer lets you track your brand mentions in order to get the most relevant new results.

Campaign Tracking

And finally, we come to campaign tracking, where you can set up different campaigns and get a host of information — rankings for keywords, crawl diagnostics, on-page optimization scores, link analysis, traffic data, and info on your social media footprint (as well as your competitors’, of course).

Sign Up For Free

As we mentioned, this 75-day special offer is completely free. There are no contracts, and you can cancel at any time. And so with a deal like that, you might think the most obvious question is What’s to lose?

But it’s not.

When you’re dealing with your business, the best question to ask is What’s to gain? As you can plainly see, the answer is A LOT.

Learn more at SEOmoz! (Offer good till the end of April, 2013.)

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