23 February 2013
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A Brand New WordPress Plugin from WPMU DEV: YouTube Featured Video

We’re happy to announce that WPMU DEV has released a brand new plugin – the YouTube Featured Video plugin.

This simple, flexible widget lets you select videos from a YouTube channel and then feature them in your sidebar. If you look over to the bottom of the right hand sidebar here on wpmu.org, you’ll see it action.

We wanted this for ourselves, and so we thought a number of you might like it too.


How This Plugin Can Help You

The YouTube Featured Video plugin not only helps you keep your video content in front of your visitors, on every page you reinforce the idea that you have multimedia offerings for them as well. If your videos are only buried inside of posts, then you’re missing a chance to get your visitors more engaged.

But you don’t only have to show your own videos, of course. You can show videos from any YouTube channel that you think your visitors will appreciate. 

The YouTube Featured Video plugin lets you easily …

  • Control the setting from simple options on the widget itself
  • Title the widget whatever you’d like
  • Select which videos to show from the YouTube channel of your choice
  • Choose how you would like the videos to be selected for display: all videos, a random video, or a related video based on tags and the video description
  • Show the video in an overlay popup, or play it right there on the sidebar
  • Choose to show the video’s title or not
  • Choose to show a link back to the channel on YouTube (and define your own text for the link) 

In addition, of course you can use the widget over and over as many times as you like, giving you the option of selecting videos from multiple channels. 

Super Simple to Set Up

To set it up, just fill in the Title and Channel boxes. And then next you’ll have the option to select whichever videos you’d like from the channel you chose.

When the popup appears, choose your videos.


After you’ve done that, just choose your settings.


You’ll then see your video(s) in your sidebar. As we mentioned, you can see an example of the widget at work over on the right hand sidebar.

Here’s a look at it as well.

And that’s it – a simple, flexible solution for showing off video content.  You can have it up and running in minutes.
Find it here.

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