6 April 2013
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How To Put Jetpack Into Development Mode for Local WordPress Installs

A Year Later - Your Opinion on Jetpack
New Jetpack Feature: Development Mode

Jetpack doesn’t work unless it’s connected to WordPress.com. You may have run into this a time or two when attempting to work with Jetpack in a development environment. The latest 2.2.1 spring cleaning release of the plugin includes a massive number of bug fixes. It also introduces a very useful new feature: Development Mode.

Jetpack’s Development Mode allows you to use features that don’t require a connection to WordPress.com so that you can use them in testing. Activate it by adding this define to your wp-config.php file:

define( 'JETPACK_DEV_DEBUG', true);

This is very useful for when you want to test out new features on your dev install before pushing them to your production site. Just remember to remove the line if you move the dev site to the live environment.

Also new in Jetpack 2.2.1 is the ability to filter shortcodes and widgets. Check out the release notes for more informaation.

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