19 March 2013
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Meet Slide In — Tell Your Audience What’s Up At The Perfect Moment

At WMPU DEV we’ve released a fresh plugin that lets you connect with your audience — at the perfect moment!

Meet Slide In

Slide In is an easy marketing tool that allows you to create messages that slide in and show themselves to your users at the exact moment you pick.

Whether you wish to promote a new product, build your email lists or simply show related posts to your readers, Slide In is there for you.

Beautiful and simple promo messages that wait till the perfect moment to show themselves!

You can embed the following in your Slide Ins:

  • Rich text
  • Images
  • Embeds (i.e. Youtube Videos)
  • Shortcodes
  • Anything the default WordPress editor allows
  • MailChimp subscribe forms
  • A list of related posts (for when a reader hits the bottom of the article)

With a simple UI, Slide In makes it easier than ever to capture and convert your readers. You can pick from a range of theming options, as well as social options, and even add your own custom CSS.

Creating a Slide In is as easy as making a post. You enter a title, some copy and some images if you so wish, and finally conditions for when it should show.

You can also drop your MailChimp API key in, and it pulls in all your lists along with displaying a nice subscribe form for your readers. Perfect for better conversion!

Easy-as-pie MailChimp subscribe forms.

A variety of Social buttons are easily incorporated as well.

The best part about Slide In is that it’s unobtrusive. We hate annoying popups, so Slide In is the perfect solution. You can get it to show up anywhere, any time. Halfway down the page, when the comments on a post come into view, after 30, 60 or any number of seconds! It also hides itself after a specified time.

Time the Slide In perfectly to keep your readers engaged.

Fully customizable with a load of features, you’re bound to get what you want out of this plugin.

Slide In is perfect for anyone who wants to:

  • Promote products without frustrating the user
  • Grow subscriber lists with ease
  • Display custom messages after a user has reached the end of a post
  • Show messages based on conditions, i.e. only on single pages, posts, or even for specific pages
  • Time delay messages to capture readers you know are interested in your product
  • Get readers to share their site on a variety of social networks
  • Promote more of your content from anywhere on your site
  • Use your shortcodes in promotional messages

Go ahead and download Slide In today and convert your audience tenfold!

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