5 June 2013
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New WPMU DEV Pricing – Sign Up Now to Keep the Old Pricing for Life (and to get you started we’ll even give you 50% off)

We last updated WPMU DEV pricing in June 2009, four long years ago!

And since then we’ve:

  • grown from a few thousand to 200,000+ members
  • released over a hundred new plugins
  • pushed tens of thousands of updates
  • added in videos, anti-splog and the dashboard
  • developed with insanely wonderful support
  • grown to a team of over 40 amazing people
Just a small selection of the WPMU DEV crew

And I’ll let you into a secret, we are working on an absolutely amazing theme project right now. It’s coming later this year and it’ll knock your socks off.

So, it’s definitely time for a change and, as of next week, that change is going to happen to our pricing.

We’re going to remove quarterly and annual accounts – from next week all new accounts will be monthly only.

And as a result a monthly account with unlimited updates and support to unlimited domains and the top end support you are used to now will cost new users $1,188 per year! ($99 per month). That’s a hefty increase, an annual account is currently $420.

BUT because you are old school, because you read WPMU.org and because we value the people who have helped us grow to this size more than you can know, we are going to make you an offer.

All paid-up current members will keep the old price for as long as they remain paid members.

We’ll never increase it, we’ll grandfather you over, even 10 years from now, hand on heart, promise.

And to help you make that decision here’s a one-off deal because we love you.

Click here to sign up, or upgrade, to an annual account now at the old prices and we’ll give you 50% off your first payment.

That’s a saving of $978 for the next year.

If you think you are going to need or want something from us in the future (and believe me, you are 🙂 then this is your last chance, you’ll thank yourself down the track.


Exciting times! Join us for the long run as we take WordPress to another level.

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